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Spring Summer Sewing Plans

Hello everyone, a very special hello to all Victorian and New South Wales friends.

We are in the peak of Spring at the moment, the roses have been amazing, its always such a lovely time of year. Then we get the heat.

I have been sewing a lot! I started out with a range plan, which was based around comfortable and stylish clothes, but as per usual I have completely gone off track. Every report card I had at school said something like, "tries hard, but is easily distracted". After 60 years nothing has changed!

I have been working on the dominican blouse. The picture above is ny new variation. I took 50% of the volume out of the front, and removed the waistband. The picture below shows that the hem finishes just below the waistband, this shirt can be tucked or just sit. This beautiful fabric is from The Fabric store. It is sheer, but as you can see the drape is beautiful.

My next project was this bias cut skirt. I was in Witchery ( fashion store ), and spied a beautiful skirt, I tried it on. To my absolute delight the waist was elasticed. So I spent time in the changeroom working out how they did that. ( To be honest I do this everytime I see something that inspires me, i'm often lurking in change rooms ! ).

Turns out the elasticed waist is not too difficult, definitely a bit fiddly but worth it.

I cut my own pattern (front and back are the same), thats it only 2 pieces.

To make the skirt

  • sew back to front at side seams

  • overlock waist

  • measure waist for elastic length, add 1 cm to sew elatic together.

  • join elastic ( so you have a circle which measures your waistline, place it on inside of skirt , sit it just below overlocked edge, pin the bottom edge of the elastic to the skirt and zig zag in place stretching to fit waistband as you go. you wont see this from the right side because this will be folded inward.

  • now for the fidly bit, zig zag the top of elastic to the skirt ( this is the top of the waistband ) just below the edge you overlocked.

  • go slowly, easing elastic as you go. You will end up with an overlocked edge and the 2 rows of zig zag one at the top , and one at the bottom of the elastic

  • now just fold the elastic waist inwards, secure by stitching the elastic with a few sticjed in the side seam.

  • Hopefully my photos will help, but honestly its one of those sewing procedures that needs to be done with feel, in your hands. So have a practice on a little waist toile.

  • I used 2 cm elastic

There is another way to do this and thats just buy a pattern.

McCalls 7931 below.

Vicki Sews also has one which I think uses elastic . I really like her patterns, they are just a little bit out there and reasonably priced. I have not made one yet, so I can't comment on instructions etc.

Mc Calls 7391

I was recently gifted a pattern from Chut Charlotte Patterns. I made Le Tut pants ("The Pants").

I made a toile ( I pretty much toile everything, but especially pants). The only adjustment I made was crotch depth, I needed just a bit more length.

The pleats in the front of the pants are different, at first I wasn't sure about them, infact I thought I had made a mistake. They actually look pretty good, and are a nice change from a standard pleat or tuck.

Its been a while since I piped anything, I wasn't going to bother but I'm pleased I did because I think the piping looks great, and once again just that little bit different. Instructions were clear and concise.

Aside from sewing I have been working on my first fabric design, its actually at Next State being printed on fabric.

I'm so excited, even if turns out to be a dodgy design it won't matter. It just means I'm on my way to improving and learning. I love the idea of designing a dress, pattern making and designing the fabric. Then sewing it up. Not to mention wearing this dress out. Hopefully someone will ask me where I bought my dress Then I will have the pleasure of boring

them to death with all the details !

Well I truly think I have totally Blogged enough today.

I would love you to leave comments, just to reassure me that someone is actually reading my adventures in sewing et al .

Also if you would like to personally ask me a question, you an always contact me through Instagram or

kind regards



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