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Marimekko Coat

Its that time of year again. Getting ready for Christmas and holidays.

I have finished my studies for the year. In my next post I will write about my finished collection, which will be included in the TAFE fashion parade in March. ( there is a link to purchase tickets in my bio on Instagram, @groovygreylook )

Early next year our daughter Harriett is getting married, and later in the year our daughter Millie and her husband Ben are having a baby. Also sadly for us, Evie our youngest daughter is moving to Melbourne.

So lots of changes for Peter and I.

About this time of year I would be working on my Christmas day outfit. I have planned it, but have not started sewing yet. I'm excited about what I plan to make, its silk and its comfortable perfect for Christmas day. I'm so looking forward to sharing this outfit with you.

Recently I made this gorgeous Marimekko summer coat. The fabric was gifted to me from Maaidesign, they stock a really good selection of fabrics.

I couldn't resist the blue Pieni Unikko. 100%cotton. I was definitely anxious about my pattern choice, summer and coats are normally not a thing ! I used a vintage Vogue pattern 2958.

I decided to follow the pattern instructions ( I, like many of you often just do my own thing!). The pattern was released in 1992, which was one year before domestic over lockers were being used in the community. So sewing instructions were very interesting.

I altered the pattern to be the correct length for me. This coat is perfect for my white shorts ( I love shorts and won't give them up). I also styled the coat with a navy outfit, and a white t-shirt and white jeans. The summer coat is versatile, keeps the sun off your body, protects you from the freezing air conditioners, and

can be dressed up or casual. The fabric is lightweight, and sews up really well.

The pattern has lots of little extras, there are sleeve bands with buttons and button holes, there is also a button on the back vent. The construction of the collar and facings is different to what we do nowadays.

I enjoyed sewing 1992 style. I was actually sewing clothes in 1992, and I also got married in 1992. A big year in my life.

I wish you and your families all the best for the Christmas season.

Meridy x


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