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My Russian Affair, How It All Started

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Sorry if you thought this was going to be a steamy post, its just a nice story about me and a whole lot of Russian people.

4 years ago I starting posting and engaging on Instagram. I wasn't too sure about how it all worked, or if I would find like minded people. Did I want to follow creative people, sporting people or dogs? I have many interests. Too many interests!

I started posting photos of my sewing adventures, and very soon I connected with similar people.

Then one morning I woke to find that I had acquired 500 new followers overnight ( no special marketing tactics involved ). The following day this happened again. I then noticed that my new followers were from Russian territories. Another 500 or so followed.

I asked my adult daughters what was going on.( I was anxious that I may have been involved in some sort of scam.) I didn't seem to have anything in common with my new followers. There were no comments just followers.

I was soon to find out why I was acquiring new followers.

I was being tagged in the article below by quite a few people in Australia.

Below is the photo of my husband Peter and I which was picked up through social media, reposted and used in a blog by The article was called

13 Stylish Older Couples Who Look Way Cooler than Hollywood celebrities.

If you would like to read that article click on the link. (By the way, I made my 3 piece suit.)

Now, I still haven't explained the Russian Link.... Many months later I had a message from a follower in Russia. She explained to me that this same article had been published in a popular Russian Magazine.

Just goes to show how a little bit of social publishing can go a long way!

Many followers later, I am very grateful for my lucky start.

If you are one of those followers I thankyou very much.

Thankyou for reading my starter post.

My next post will be all about Taking photos for Instagram.


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