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Hello my name is Meridy, but my friends call me Groovy


This is my first blog.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Fashion at Flinders University and Tafe SA. 

One of my subjects is Social Media Marketing. 

I am working on a project called.

 How Social Media Micro influencers can share marketing strategies/ information with others, whilst growing their own brand.

So I will be blogging about my Instagram story, but also sharing information with you about things I have learnt along the way, including my knowledge of Instagram.

Topics I will discuss include;




Be Nice (mostly)

How does your social media make you feel?

I will also be sharing my style  plan for spring and summer 2021-2022 you might like to plan with me?

I am not a professional stylist, but I have completed a couple of styling courses over the years. If you have specific questions please ask.

I like to chat so please add to the conversation whenever you like.  Thanks for Visiting

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